Why I want native apps on my smartphone but websites on my laptop

I find myself increasingly relying on native apps on my smartphone, but preferring to use websites on my laptop. This is true even for services with apps available on both devices, such as Spotify and maps. In fact, I only regularly use one app on my personal MacBook other than a web browser and Apple's built-in apps - Evernote. I do use more apps on my work MacBook, but mostly just Office.

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Siri's version of Live Photos

Live Photos is one of the more interesting and discussed features of the iPhone 6s. It makes me wonder if it’s only a matter of time before all photos are automatically sandwiched with high definition video. If the processing power is there to do it for photos, why not with audio and Siri?

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Microsoft Office and OneDrive are a really good deal, it's time to give them another look

If you are in the market for productivity software, cloud storage, or both it's time to give Microsoft another look. Microsoft's OneDrive offers 1TB of storage for $7/month, while competitors Dropbox, Google Drive, and Apple's iCloud all cost $10. However, Microsoft's 1TB plan also includes access to Office 365. This is a great deal for great productivity software and cloud storage that the competition simply cannot match.

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My experience using the iPhone in China

Earlier this summer I spent a few weeks in mainland China on a business trip. I used my iPhone 6 to communicate with local colleagues and people back home. In China, the iPhone has several advantages over an Android phone (at least the version of Android with Google Play that we're used to in the US). Here are a few of my quick thoughts and observations on the iPhone in China.

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I'm ready for Apple's version of Amazon Prime

Amazon has bundled several digital services into Amazon Prime - video streaming, music streaming, the Kindle lending library, and unlimited cloud photo storage. I've thought Apple could do the same for a while now, and Apple Music would make a nice pillar. Apple could bundle Music, iTunes Match (also Music should make it obsolete), iCloud storage, monthly iTunes/App Store credits or giveaways, and maybe even Apple Care. This could be a nice product for big Apple users, and perhaps silence some of the critics calling for Apple to reduce iCloud storage pricing.

Live and local will be a big challenge for Apple's streaming TV service

ReCode is reporting Apple wants to include live local broadcasts as part of its streaming TV service:

Industry executives familiar with Apple’s plans say the company wants to provide customers in cities around the U.S. with programming from their local broadcast stations. That would distinguish Apple’s planned offering from those already available from Sony and Dish’s Sling, which to date have only offered local programming in a handful of cities, or none at all.
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