My favorite Apple and tech podcasts

I love tech and I love podcasts, so I decided to put together a list of my favorite weekly shows. They come from tech blogs, Apple developers, and analysts. I tend to enjoy the shows from analysts and developers the most, because they're more than just a regurgitation and discussion of the news. There are many other good tech podcasts, but these are the ones I rely on to stay informed on a week-to-week basis. The names of each show link to iTunes, and shows are organized alphabetically within categories.

Weekly tech and gadget news

These weekly podcasts cover all of the popular news in tech, from Apple and Android to self-driving cars. These are my favorites for getting reactions and more in-depth discussions of the week's tech news.

This Week in Tech is hosted by Leo Laporte and features different guests every week. It typically comes out on Sunday night, as opposed to many other weekly shows that come out on Thursday or Friday.

The Vergecast features writers and editors from The Verge discussing the week's tech news. Although it is generally informative, it can get a little off the rails at times and probably isn't for people that want a more 'serious' discussion. It is broadcast live on Thursday afternoons and the audio podcast is usually available Friday evening.

Wired's Gadget Lab features two writes from Wired. They discuss more than just gadgets, covering all the happenings in consumer tech. It is typically available Friday evening.

Apple focused

These shows are focused on happenings in the Apple universe, and may only lightly touch on or completely ignore other topics. ATP and The Talk Show are two of the smartest podcasts I listen to, and I rarely miss an episode.

Accidental Tech Podcast features three well-known developers in the Apple community. It's one of the smartest tech podcasts I've found and covers everything from developer tools to Apple news and product reviews. It tends to run longer, typically over two hours, and comes out on Thursday or Friday.

The Talk Show is from John Gruber of popular Apple blog Daring Fireball. John has a new guest every episode discussing topics of interest in the Apple, software development, Star Wars, and James Bond universes for hours on end. John brings an interesting perspective as a successful developer and blogger and has a variety of great guests. New episodes come out every 1-2 weeks.

Upgrade is a weekly show featuring Jason Snell, formerly of MacWorld. Jason is one of the more thoughtful Apple bloggers/writers I've come across and like to hear his opinions on new products and announcements. His co-host Myke Hurley is from England, and provides a European perspective. New episodes come out on Mondays.

Tech strategy

These podcasts don't just discuss the news, they dissect it and analyze the implications. I almost always feel smarter after listening to these shows.

A16Z is a startup focused podcast from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. My favorite episodes are those featuring the firm's analyst Benedict Evans. He is one of the smartest and most insightful bloggers/podcasters in the business and I always learn something from him. His blog and weekly newsletter are also must-reads for me.

Exponent is a weekly discussion between Ben Thompson of Stratechery and James Allworth. The normal format is to dive deep on one topic, often Ben's free article of the week, which I also highly recommend. Overall, this is my favorite tech podcast. The discussion is timely, interesting, insightful, and unlike any other show I have found. New episodes are typically available Friday evening.