Why I'm selling my iPad and the challenges tablets face

I'm selling my beloved iPad Mini.  I've used it as a smartphone, then as a complement to an Android phone, and now along with an iPhone.  Since going back to an iPhone I've used it a lot less.  My iPhone is always with me, and does everything the iPad can do.  I still use the iPad for reading and web browsing on the couch or while in bed, but that's about it.  I occasionally use it to play a game, check email, browse Twitter, or watch YouTube videos, and there are some great apps for gaming, drawing, DJ'ing, and music creation.  However, all of those things can be done on a smartphone or laptop, some much more efficiently.  Now large screened phones are becoming more mainstream and battery life is slowly getting better, and that will squeeze tablets even further.  I think that's the challenge in the tablet market: inventing and communicating use cases where tablets excel.  It will be interesting to see if Apple, Google, and developers can come up with those unique use cases. I should also mention that part of the reason I'm selling the iPad is to offset the cost of an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus (which costs $850!).  I never thought I'd spend that much money on a phone, but it's easier to justify if it replaces my iPad.