How to watch NFL RedZone online in 2018 and stream NFL Network free on iPhone, iPad, Android, and more

How to watch NFL RedZone and NFL Network online is a question that has a different answer every year, and 2018 is no different. There are several ways to stream NFL RedZone and free live games this year depending on the game you’re watching and the type of device you have.

Watch NFL online free on iPhone & Android smartphones, iPad & Android tablets

Watch NFL online free and RedZone with the NFL smartphone app

Watch NFL online free and RedZone with the NFL smartphone app

New for this year, all smartphone and tablet users can watch NFL online free with just a few caveats. In the past, this was only available to Verizon subscribers on smartphones. The available games are all primetime games, plus the Sunday afternoon games available on your local CBS and FOX channels. Stream free in the NFL app or Yahoo Sports app. On smartphones, the NFL app also includes a free stream of NFL Network, and NFL RedZone is available for just $5 per month. To watch these on a tablet, you’ll need to have a TV subscription (see below). This is a great way to watch NFL online while on the go, but it is limited to a smartphone and tablet screens only - using AirPlay, Cast, or a cable to watch on a TV will not work.

Watch NFL RedZone, NFL Network, and more on iPad, TVs, and other devices

A few games are available to stream free on bigger screens, but you’ll have to pay to get everything else. 11 Thursday Night Football games will be simulcast (simulstreamed?) on the Prime Video app free for Amazon Prime subscribers. Check the NFL schedule to see what games are available.

To watch NFL RedZone and other live games online, a paid streaming service will be required. The following services include NFL RedZone and NFL Network:

  • Sling TV: $25 Blue package plus the $10 Sports Extra add-on for RedZone
  • Fubo TV: $45 base package plus $9 Sports Plus add-on for RedZone
  • Playstation Vue: $50 Core package plus $10 Sports Pack for RedZone

Sling is the least expensive way to get NFL Network and RedZone, but the other packages include many more channels. Fubo TV is loaded with regional sports channels and Vue has a broad selection of programming. Before picking one, check what broadcast channels are available in your local area as they carry a lot NFL games and other live sports. All of these options have free trials, so try them for yourself. Note that other than the Amazon Prime games, these paid services do not allow you to stream NFL games on smartphones, but you can watch games free on smartphones as mentioned above.

Other ways to watch live NFL games

There are other streaming services that carry live NFL games on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network but they do not carry RedZone. Some of the more popular options are DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, and CBS All Access.

NFL Sunday Ticket is available online again. While it appears to be more widely available, it is not available to everyone. Starting at $294 for the season, this is expensive, and only allows you to watch Sunday afternoon games NOT available on your local CBS and FOX stations. RedZone can be added, bringing the price to $396 per season. There are significant discounts available for college students.

It is also possible to watch NFL online by signing into apps with credentials from a traditional cable TV package. Different apps support different cable providers.

If you want to get a little more creative, there are DVRs available that allow you to stream content from them. These can be hooked up to an antenna or cable service, either at your house or perhaps a friend’s or relative’s. See our roundup of the best DVRs.