My Personal Media Bundle 2019

After canceling DirecTV Now due to the latest price increase, I decided to take a good look at all of the various media properties my wife and I subscribe to and decide which are indispensable and which deserve our hard-earned money. I also wanted to add everything up to see just how much my household is spending on a monthly basis.

Video - $38 per month

  • Netflix 4k: $16

  • Hulu no ads: $12

  • HBO Go: free with AT&T Unlimited & More Premium

  • Watch TV: free with AT&T unlimited plan

  • Amazon Prime: $10 (rarely watch it, but do use a lot of the other benefits)

Music - $10 per month

  • Spotify: $10 - my wife uses Spotify, and we also use her account on our smart speakers. I use free Spotify occasionally.

  • Amazon Prime Music: included with Prime

News - $10 per month

I subscribe to a newsletter here and there, but most of our news consumption is from free websites and podcasts.


So in total, my wife and I pay $58 per month on our media, plus home broadband and our AT&T family plan. Our AT&T plan is not cheap, but it saves us about $25 per month on video subscriptions. I will likely add in a paid streaming service come football season. But overall we are saving quite a bit of money with our media bundle compared to the old days of cable TV, newspapers, and buying albums.