Hulu announces ad-free subscription for $12/month

Hulu has launched a commercial-free subscription for $12 per month, $4 more than the previous paid plan. Although cable TV has always included ads and a subscription fee, Hulu with ads always felt odd to me in a world of Netflix. I use Hulu occasionally and am not a fan of the repetitive ads and issues with skipping ahead in programs.

Although Hulu fans may be tempted to upgrade to the commercial-free plan, the higher price makes me question the service's value even more. The majority of Hulu's popular programs are available free with an antenna, although they are getting more movies and original programming. At $12 per month, a user could instead pay for an antenna-based DVR in about a year and a half. Some people will prefer the flexibility and mobile readiness of a streaming service though. Sign up for a free Hulu trial and get more info here.