Stream free TV online: The best free TV apps and sites for iPad, iPhone, Android, and PC's

Stream free TV without a cable television subscription on iPhone, iPad, Android, or a computer. All of the major broadcast networks and several popular cable networks stream free TV episodes on their apps and websites. Availability of specific shows and when recent episodes are released online vary by network, see below for all the details.

Stream free TV with broadcast network apps

Stream free TV from just about every broadcast network show through the individual network apps and sites. Episodes are delayed by as much as 8 days after they air, depending on the network and type of show. Daily talk and news shows tend to be available sooner than primetime shows.

Hulu streams free TV shows from ABC, CW, FOX, NBC, and select CBS shows. A few shows from smaller cable channels are also available. Episodes are typically available about a week after they air, with the most recent few episodes available for free, but it varies by network and show.

Currently, Hulu is only available for free on computers with select shows also free on the Android app. A Hulu Plus subscription is required to watch on iPhone or iPad, or get faster access to new episodes. Free trials are available.

Stream free TV with cable network apps

Many cable networks also stream free TV shows, but it varies greatly from network to network. Some make full episodes from several shows available to stream free online, while some only have one or two shows available. Some of the most popular cable networks with that stream free TV shows are listed below.

Several children's networks also stream free TV shows, but the selection is generally quite limited.

Other popular networks require authenticating with a cable subscription to watch online. AMCShowtime, and Starz typically make season premieres of all their shows available free, though.

Hulu also has some cable networks included on their free and paid service, but the selection isn't great and includes a lot of shows that are available free from the networks listed above. Hulu also has past seasons from several cable shows, just like Netflix.

Stream free TV of old seasons

Crackle has past seasons of a few notable shows, including Seinfeld, The Shield, Damages, Married With Children, and more plus some original series. Stream free TV with the Crackle app for iPhone, iPadAndroid, on their website, or on Apple TV, Roku, game consoles, and more.

Other ways to stream TV without cable

There are plenty of other ways to watch TV without cable that require a small fee - subscription streaming services, purchasing shows a la carte, and more. See our overview here.