Best ebook subscription service - Kindle Unlimited vs Scribd vs Oyster vs Entitle

An ebook subscription service will allow you to read unlimited ebooks on an e-reader, mobile device, or a PC for a monthly fee. Multiple services are available with slightly different features and device availability. Most follow the Netflix model and offer unlimited reading with an active subscription, while some services offer a few titles per month that are yours to keep even after the subscription ends. Due to these differences, the various services will likely appeal to different people based on their usage habits.

Kindle Unlimited vs Scribd vs Oyster vs Entitle

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's ebook subscription service. It has one big advantage over the other services: it is available on Kindle e-readers and any device with the Kindle app. Any books part of Kindle Unlimited will be marked in the app. Try a free 30-day trial.

Scribd offers unlimited reading of ebooks and listening of audiobooks. It is available for Apple devicesAndroidKindle Fire, and computers. Scribd offers free 30-day trial.

Oyster claims to have the largest library of ebooks for unlimited reading, but does not include audiobooks. It is available for Apple devicesAndroidKindle Fire, and computers. A free 30-day trial is offered.

Entitle is a bit different from the other services. Instead of offering unlimited reading you get two books per month which are yours to keep even after your subscription ends. They claim to offer 'everything' including all of the latest titles the day they are released, whereas other services may not have agreements with certain publishers, or new releases may be delayed. Entitle is available Apple devicesAndroidKindle Fire, and computers. Titles can also be transferred to Nook, Kobo, Sony e-readers and other devices with Adobe DRM. Sign up for a free trial and get a free ebook download.

The best ebook subscription service

There is no single best ebook subscription service. Kindle lovers will probably be best suited using Kindle Unlimited and occasionally buying an ebook separately that isn't included in the subscription. Fans of audiobooks will find Kindle Unlimited or Scribd the best value. If you want a few new releases each  month or want to keep your books forever then Entitle may be best for you. Luckily all of the services offer free trials so you can try them before committing to one.